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ACNielsen Ukraine
This web-site is developed for the Ukrainian representative of the ACNielsen international company
Ukraine Gateway Project
September 2000 - the given portal took the bun on the World Bank forum in Prague.
Ukraine Gateway Project was initiated by the World Bank as a part of the Global Gateway Project.
The given web site contains diverse information on Ukraine and Ukrainian society.
State Administration of Dnepropetrovsk region
2000. We created the official web site of Dnepropetrovsk region State Administration. You will get here all needed information on industry, agriculture and science of the Dnepropetrovsk region.
Bunker Club
2001. Simple colour palette and strict stile of the given resourse became the card of e-club Bunker.
2001. While working on this project we took into consideration the possibility of low bandwidth access and simplified the navigation. This web site is easy to fill and modify.
Mazda Ukraine
2001. The official web site of Auto International Company, the Mazda Motor Corporation dealer in Ukraine.
Suzuki Ukraine
2001. The official web site of Auto International Company, the Suzuki Motor Corporation dealer in Ukraine.
LaStrada Ukraine
LaStrada Ukraine's main activity is prevention of traffic in women in Central and Eastern Europe. Lotus Domino programming product which is oriented on information exchange, perfectly fits for support of the site and simplifiies filling it with information
The project gains access to a wide spectrum of business information and trainings necessary for development of small and medium business, assists the organizations offering business-services.
Ukrainian Credit Bank
The Ukrainian Credit Bank site is characterized with strict design and laconic information presentation.
AWT Bavaria,
Official BMW AG importer in Ukraine.
BMW Customizer
February 2002. We created WEB- based system for Ukrainian BMW dealer.
The goal of the system is to provide customer with opportunity of "putting their imagination into reality". User can view, customize and accessorise different BMW models .
Sales manager without special computer skills supports and updates the systems with new models, colours, tires and interiors.
Programming: Lotus, JAVA script.
Winner Imports Ukraine,
official distributor of Ford Motor Corp.
Winner Imports Ukraine,
official distributor of Ford Motor Corp.
Winner Imports Ukraine,
official distributor of Volvo Car Corp.
Ukrainian Helth Care Ministry
It is one of few Ukrainian interactive resources, where you can get qualified answers of experts to the questions, find out reception terms of certificates and expert sanctions. It also provides you with the list of necessary documents.
Atlas of Analyst
September 2001 - January 2002. We implemented a knowledge managment system . Information has been collected from the different sources - magazines, newspapers, books and Internet.
Paper sources are OCR-ed, on-line sources are automatically scanned; all archieved data are placed into the input line. In the input line it is processed: checked for mistakes and misprints, divided on the blocks, sorted, analized and classified by experts and published into the data storage.
Users utilize information from articles, books, courses and trainings through the WEB and replications. Implemented billing system control users access. The current base contains over 50,000 documents and with the total size over 7Gb.
Programming: Lotus script, JAVA, HTML, C API for Domino.
December 2001 - May 2002. We created analytical WEB- system for the pricelist monitoring. Data are collected from various sources via replications, HTTP renewals, e-mails, faxes, call-centers and stored in DB2 container system.
Consumers achieve information from WEB- sites or subscription lists (regular mail, e-mail and replications). Billing system regulates user access to system in accordance with partner programmes and current depositor policy.
Users can search, read, write, update their information by using cell phones and PDAs. All devices using technologies WAP - i.e. Win.CE, Palm, EPOC are supported.
Programming: Lotus script, JAVA, HTML, C API for Domino, VML, SQL.
Toyota Autosammit
official partner of Toyota Motor Corp.
Ukrainian State Post Organization
Visiting the renewed site Ukrainian State Post Organization Ukrposhta you will learn about all spectrum of services provided and use modern e-services.
Subaru Ukraine,
This site is dedicated to Pro Auto Company which is the official representative of Subaru Cars Corp..

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Main features:

- business process design and maintenance
- development and modeling of business processes using graphic interface
- designing, developing, updating and storing of the application library
- modeling of workflow participants activity
- notifying of job owners in checkpoints
- document authorization depending on binder's status and location
- allows to view the actual status of the document
- bidirectional connectivity with all commercial SQL servers
- Intercommunication with Internet- and Intranet- resources

The workflow is defined by three main elements:

- Business process logic
- Organization database that defines directory of participants in the process
- The information that processes act upon

The workflow system consists of three modules:

Router - the core of the system, which executes designed rules and implements routing and processing.

Architect - a program that enables workflow designers to specify business processes logic, participants and rules governing participation with graphical interface.

Visualizer - standalone program that allows job owners monitor and control workflow participants. It provides comprehensive visual information about actual workflow status.