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Main features:

- business process design and maintenance
- development and modeling of business processes using graphic interface
- designing, developing, updating and storing of the application library
- modeling of workflow participants activity
- notifying of job owners in checkpoints
- document authorization depending on binder's status and location
- allows to view the actual status of the document
- bidirectional connectivity with all commercial SQL servers
- Intercommunication with Internet- and Intranet- resources

The workflow is defined by three main elements:

- Business process logic
- Organization database that defines directory of participants in the process
- The information that processes act upon

The workflow system consists of three modules:

Router - the core of the system, which executes designed rules and implements routing and processing.

Architect - a program that enables workflow designers to specify business processes logic, participants and rules governing participation with graphical interface.

Visualizer - standalone program that allows job owners monitor and control workflow participants. It provides comprehensive visual information about actual workflow status.